Monday, March 17, 2008

Crappy Blogs Have The Best Designs

Yeh, I think the most crappy blogs are not the ones with simple designs - I think it is shallow to just look at the blog designs since most of us aren't artists or designers anyway.

The really crap ones are those with the most beautiful and stylish designs but with content which is just misleading - with empty promises of riches beyond.

These money-grabbers hide behind beautiful designs and secret coding and drain the riches from others.

Don't be shallow - you don't need a fantastic blog design to be a goody and likewise, you can have a design masterpiece and be a crapper!


feefifoto said...

Just found you via Entrecard, and I have to agree with you. Nothing is more important in blogging than intelligent writing, yet I've seen so many that are lovely at first glance but make my skin crawl when I try to make sense of them.

Lara said...

My sentiments exactly, Feefifoto!

Linda said...

seen alot of 'em myself. I just make a note not to visit them anymore.

Lara said...

Good idea Linda!