Thursday, November 20, 2008

When You Lose The Treasure, It is Gone!

There was once a young man born to a rich family who took everyone around him for granted. He always felt that there would be enough time for him to convey his appreciation for them. But one day, he was knocked down by a van and paralyzed from neck to toe.

He had also lost his sense of speech. His family and loved ones stood by him, rallying him to get well soon. He was so touched and grateful but just as he started to convey his thanks, no words came from his mouth. He would never ever be able to talk again. Now the words 'I love you' became so important to him but they were words which he had wished he had articulated much earlier.

Are we like the young man who took his loved ones for granted? We may never get another chance to show our gratitude.

So what is the moral of the story? Treasure your loved ones and don't always say there will be time to do that- you never know when your time will run out so start to spread that love NOW!

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